• Blackajck Strategy

    Blackjack strategy may be not that useful at online casino as there is a shuffle after each hand.

  • Blackjack Tips

    Tips are pieces of advice that may turn loser into a long-time winner, such games as blackjack and slots online are not an exception and have a set of basic tips.

  • Card Counting

    Card casino gaming involves serious money and serious play. For this reason card counting is this much popular among gamblers who put on stake thousands of dollars.


Casino Reviews: Games, Rules and More

A lot of people are sure, that casino gambling can become very boring with the time, but we know that when you choose the right place for gambling, you will play there more and more times, getting satisfaction making bets each day. Casino establishments usually offer certain kinds of gambling activities such as table and cards games, tournaments and lots of slot machines. They are often built near restaurants, hotels and tourist attractions, that is why land based casinos are always overcrowded as it is so difficult not to visit that attractive building with bright lights and prominent offers. Even today these casinos are visited often, though people prefer to enjoy emotions and environment there than gambling.

After the BC (Before Computers) era the period of highly developed technologies, computers and calculating programs, land based gambling start to become a casinos history. There is no need now to go to the traditional casino if you want to bet, as that is available online! Traditional casinos have always been not only places for wagering, but more likely, places to show how rich you are or how easily you play different games, even if you have not enough money. Those, who visited traditional casino for betting only, faced the problem of too many people and too much noise at the gambling houses. Playing casino games it is highly important to be concentrated at the game, but it is really difficult to do that, when everyone is screaming, crying and trying to talk with you. Playing online you can dip into the gambling completely and no one will interfere doing that. It increased the popularity of online games, and especially casino games. We are sure, that you will find several interesting games to play, but you will need to know about them as much as possible to succeed in playing. To get more detailed information read our online casino guide.

Probably one of the most popular casino games is blackjack. We know how many players want to know about this game as much as possible, that is why we’ve decided to pay special attention at it. Blackjack Guide is represented in the most profound way. All possible topics that can be useful for blackjack player are covered, staring from the game basics, which should be known by everyone and up to the most complicated strategies. You will also find here rules, tips, odds and information on the best blackjack players, who are famous in the world of casino gamblers!

Casino Survey



Some pros do not believe that but craps are the game of fortune, not skills.

Craps experts even wrote books where described and explained the strategies of beating craps but they were not proven to be workable. That is why the only thing to learn for playing this game is types of bets.


The game of blackjack serves as a topic of discussions for many gamblers.

Why is this card game so popular? It can be beaten if you use basic strategy and card counting strategy for winning blackjack. Find out more about this game: odds, tips, strategies and advice of pros to follow.

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