Blackjack Superstitions

Did you know that several casinos actually followed certain superstitions back in the day?

Superstition One

One superstition was that women were bad luck. Because of this, they weren't welcome in casinos and were sometimes barred completely. This custom no long holds true, though. Modern casinos now get visited by women quite often, and the money that they have is always duly cherished.

Among professional 21 players, however, the amount of women still remains small, resulting in a huge waste of opportunities since women who have odds on their side enjoy greater edges in casinos compared to men.

Firstly, the chivalry from male pit bosses and dealers can favor them. Plus, women will be more sympathetically treated compared to men.

Most importantly, dealers will hardly ever suspect demure young ladies or sedate-looking grandmothers of being calculating counters of cards.

Their presumed innocence simply doesn't accrue to male gamblers.

Superstition Two

When looking through the history of casino staff who sits at tables pretending to be customers for business stimulation, popular fantasy usually shrouds people who play for casinos with shadowy auras that invoke mistrust.

To whichever this reputation was deserved, it mostly applied to games where the players played against one another.

In 21, where players compete completely versus the dealer, any concept involving playing for casinos becomes meaningless as he plays against the casino with the casino's money.

As a matter of fact, a person like that in 21 would be called a shill, and he isn't engaged in contest. To avoid appearing like an anchorman or having decisions that have discretionary influences on these games, he has to play like a predetermined stereotype, using the rules of the shill.

These rules say that a shill cannot split pairs, cannot double, and cannot draw to breakable hands.

Instead, he draws onto unbreakable hard hands and stands or draws with a soft hand by following the formula of the dealer. Therefore, as with the dealer, a shill doesn't have options on playing hands even though his formula regarding standing or drawing with a hard hand differs.

This process offers up consolation to players of superstition who worry that he steals cards when preceding players draw cards that could have helped with the superstitious player's hand.

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