Card Counting

So, how exactly do card counters keep track in blackjack? Although there are a lot of different variations and systems, card-counting is normally as easy as subtracting and adding 1. Subtract 1 whenever higher cards come up and add 1 whenever lower cards come up. With a higher count, more higher cards will be inside the shoe, giving a greater counting edge to players.

It is also possible to get a true count. Just keep track of how many decks are left inside the shoe. This will also give you much better ideas on how stacked decks can actually be.

The History of Counting Cards

The very first basic system of counting cards and the basic strategy were devised in 1950. They didn't get a lot of attention until 1960, though, when Edward Thorp wrote a book about being the dealer. This book showed people that smart players could actually get an edge in blackjack. It included a basic counting system in order to read the ratio between high and low cards in the deck.

Blackjack happens to be different compared to other casino games out there since the past is able to affect the future. When it comes to roulette, present spins never affect previous spins, for example, but when it comes to blackjack, your cards will be functions of cards that have already been dealt. So, if many low cards were already dealt, the deck will have a lot of high numbered cards left, which play to the advantage of the player for several reasons.

The Reasons

  • Dealers need to keep hitting to 17 and up. If many high cards are left, they will probably bust, which means that you win.
  • With many face cards, a higher number of pat hands will be dealt (17 to 21).
  • With hands that totaling 9 to 11, dealers may not double on decks filled with face cards, but you will be able to.
  • Because blackjacks pay 1.5:1 to players and only 1:1 to dealers, players will gain more if many blackjacks and high cards are highly likely.
  • Players are able to stand for several hands if they know that many high cards are left inside the deck.

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