Famous Cheaters

Through time, numerous great stories on cheating have come about, and the one with Richard Marcus is one of the best ones. During his casino-playing days, he regularly beat the casino to reap huge rewards, but how exactly did he succeed? Well, he cheated.

About Richard Marcus and His Cheating Move

Richard Marcus didn't always cheat in casinos. Back in the day, he gambled honestly and supported himself through gambling alone. However, when this particular technique made him run out of money and sleep outdoors, he accepted a job dealing for blackjack and baccarat. From his one-of-a-kind vantage point as a dealer, Marcus then started seeing how he could exploit dealers and win money in the process.

Casino cheats have used past posting for quite some time now. This involves the player switching the low chips with high chips after winning a bet by doing this; cheaters only net small losses whenever they lose, but great gains whenever they win.

Now, when Richard Marcus appeared, this technique was hard to do because casinos knew about it. Therefore, Marcus tweaked the move by changing things around. Instead of replacing bet small, he bet big. While cheating, he'd put a big chip underneath small chips, so the dealer wouldn't be able to see the last chip properly. Whenever he won, he'd take his earnings, but whenever he lost, a switch would be made between the big chip stack and a smaller chip stack.

This technique ended up working extremely well since cameras and dealers would expect him to make switches whenever he won. Naturally, this never happened.

Why Beating the Casino Pays

Richard Marcus usually worked with teams to make sure he got the greatest results. At their peak, they dropped $5,000-value chips under $100-value chips - techniques which paid $10,100 for every win and only lost $300 on every loss. Through the years, Marcus ended up scheming around $5 million in total from different casinos worldwide.

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