Blackajck Strategy

Strategy of Wizard

All his life, Wizard of Odds always preached to people that in order to play games of blackjack the right way, one would have to memorize a basic strategy - period. However, he has pitched this strategy for two decades now and he has come to learn that not a lot of people actually have the proper will to actually memorize it to a tee. So, he has now written a book called Gambling 102, where he presents the simple strategy instead. It includes seven easy rules that need to be followed while playing the game. See, the costs that come with improper plays using this particular strategy under the liberal rules of the Vegas Strip would still be 0.53%.

Ever since he published my book, he has been bothered that the error costs to my easy strategy were far too high. Therefore, in the month of September in 2009, he decided to develop his Wizard's strategy, with which the costs of imperfect plays would only be 0.14% under the liberal rules of the Vegas Strip. This would be how much a single hand costs for around twelve hours into the game. Also, comparing it to the hundreds of cells within the actual basic strategy, his Wizard's Strategy only has twenty-one of them - a convenient number.

Now, allow us to be completely clear: this particular strategy won't always be right every single time. Wizard keeps getting emails from people who say that, when used with a practice game, they were corrected for trying to follow it. For instance, his easy strategy tells you to stand when it comes to 12s against 2s, though it would be better for you to hit on a mathematical standpoint. So, if you wish to learn strategies that will be correct every single time, you need to put the proper basic strategy that fits your gaming rules.

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