MIT Team

When you hear "MIT", what do you think of first? An engineering genius, a mathematical wizard, a visionary, a geek, or a hacker, perhaps? Well, all of that is correct. When mixed together, though, and when adding some anonymous investors along with anarchy, you will get the greatest scam ever: the blackjack team of MIT. Now, some wily hackers have come from MIT's halls, but when a gifted professor banded together with six special students, they ended up propelling organized hacking like never before.

Counting Cards

Their system's core, counting cards happens to be a proven winner. See, blackjack odds provide the single opportunity for people with skill, discipline, and dogged determination to always beat the casino. Unfortunately, casinos are aware of how vulnerable blackjack is to disciplined and smart players, so they get banned while other potential winners only get threatened and harassed.

Casino management also understands that a single mistake can turn the player's system of winning into a casino win, which is why they tend to tolerate counting cards - until it backfires, anyway. They depend on the weaknesses of humans, like distraction and a lack in discipline, to get the house edge back.

Now, the MIT blackjack team counted cards as their system's foundation, but it wasn't the traditional kind. It had a low-high system with it that depended on statistical probabilities of getting low or high cards. They also added extra tactics for cutting cards, which further skewed overall odds to their favor.

The Profiled Blackjack Team of MIT

Casino bosses in Las Vegas depended on the long-term profile of card counters in blackjack. However, because MIT's team didn't fit that profile, this worked to their favor, as well, and helped them avoid detection. This profile included a single card counter. Also, the team's seemingly random and nonchalant playing style also countered the profile.

Eventually, sloppiness killed them. They ran out of patience and discipline and then fell apart. They started to fraternize with the temptations of Las Vegas and with one another. Seeing the team playing and relaxing at a pool ended up blowing their cover, but their story made it back to Boston prior to getting disbanded.

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